for the Love Of Radio®

It drives our research and insights. It fuels our recommendations. It makes our partners tick. It’s behind who we are. It’s our why. It leads to remarkable results.

What We Do


We offer a robust Strategy and Planning process that results in a strategic action plan for each individual partner. We look at areas to improve by making recommendations on a station’s objectives, target audience, brand essence, talent, music recipe, positioning, marketing and promotions.


We bring a fresh approach to music research. We can help interpret large data sets by zeroing in on the important insights and frame the nuances into actionable strategies. We employ many types of library testing including online, in-person and crowd-sourcing. We test for things like familiarity, likability and fatigue, just to name a few. We also perform online callout testing for new music, helping stations identify the hits.

Crowd Source Music Test®

Our proprietary Crowd-Source Music Testing, or CSMT®, helps us efficiently gather insights about your station’s music choices. CSMT leverages online and social technology to deliver accurate data from a larger audience than traditional music testing, more quickly and for a fraction of the cost. With our CSMT, you can get up to 10 times the sample audience at 50% of the cost of traditional AMT music testing!


As previous program directors, we have vast experience developing talent. We know that coaching, teaching and mentoring take a certain finesse. We offer on-air talent the empathy they crave and help them enhance their natural, unique personalities to become the best entertainers they can be.


These days, a social media presence is a necessity for radio stations. But very few stations are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the way we do. For us, digital and social channels are always top of mind. Rather than broadcasting to a social audience, we see social as an opportunity for stations to engage and interact with audiences in a more meaningful way.


P1's Audience Content Evaluator is a breakthrough in online audience content testing. ACE reveals the emotional appeal of your content and illustrates, second by second, the impact and value to your audience. ACE delivers the objective feedback you need to effectively coach your talent and fine-tune your content for maximum engagement.