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This is the page where you’ll find the latest version of The Analyst.


Click HERE to download the installation program.


Version 5.16 has these new major features.

  • Perspective Overview – Perspective has a new report module called Overview which gives you ultimate flexibility in creating a multi-station, multi-test report.   The Perspective Overview tab will allow you to create any configuration of columns from the stations/tests, scores, and demos you have connected. Once you have a Perspective run on the screen, click the Perspective Overview tab.

Initially there won’t be anything on the screen.  Click Manage Overviews and from this screen you can add, edit, or delete reports.

Click Add or Edit to display the Select Perspective Columns screen.  Here you’ll see a list of all the stations/tests in your run, along with the demos and scores.  To create a column select a station/test, a demo, and score and click Add.  If you want to add multiple columns at once, multi-select elements then click Add to loop first through the stations, then the demos, and finally the scores and generate a column for each.

Give the report a name and click OK.  It’s IMPORTANT to note that your Overview reports are stored with and associated with a saved Perspective run.  If you haven’t saved your Perspective report then Manage Overviews will prompt you to save your report.  You may create as many unique reports as you want.  When Analyst stores your report, it saves the report by call letters and the IDs for the demos and scores.  This means that if you make changes to the underlying report, your saved Overviews will still work.

Once your Overview is displayed, click on any column header to sort by that column:

The Load screen for a saved Perspective Report has a column for Overviews indicating how many are saved with each report.

Please note that Perspective reports may be printed, saved as PDF, and exported, but Perspective reports are not an option to send through ADX due to the unique manner in which each person can store their data and Perspective storing reports based on your personal data configuration.


  • Hook Trending and change recognition – f the hooks for a series of tests or callout were ordered from Hook Exchange, and your data processor has generated the data with hook trends, then Analyst can now show when a hook has changed for a song.  That happens with an addition to the trends database that tracks the HookID for each song by test.  On the Trend Ranker in Analyst, when the HookID changed for a song, and the option to Show Hook Changes (see below) is selected, then the score for the song will be displayed in red. Right-click on that cell and a screen will display with buttons to play both the previous and current hook:If you want the Hook Trends feature please discuss it with your research provider.
  • When Hook Trends exist with your data you will see a new option in ADX providing you the separate option of sending them with your Analyst data.
  • When you hover the mouse over the cell for a song score where the hook changed, it will display a tooltip showing the HookID change.
  • Colorize averages on the Trend Ranker – If you select the option to colorize your Trend Ranker and you also display the Average column, it now will colorize along with the rest of the grid.