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This is the page where you’ll find the latest version of The Analyst.

Click here to download the installation program.

Version 5.15 has these new major features:

This version adds the ability to view Trends on the Ranker tab.   When you display the screen for selecting your data and other columns you will see a new tab for Trend Columns:

Here you may select any score and demo for any survey including the one you are currently displaying.  Trend scores will appear after the data columns you select from the current test, so if you want to mix trends throughout your display then you should select all your data columns from this screen.



Version 5.14 has these new major features:

  • Archive feature – Click Utilities, Archve Test(s) which displays a screen where you select tests to archive.  The process moves all the data files to your Archive path and will COPY the trend files.  This leaves the trends intact in your datapath and makes the Archive path a valid datapath with your data as a snapshot from the moment you archived.

  • Trend Ranker can be colorized – The Trend Ranker now has the option to be colorized in quintiles.  The color coding represents the color of that song, for that demo and score, as it appears for that wave of data.

  • Excel export to XLSX (with colors) – The Ranker, Categories, and Trend Ranker tabs now have an new option to export the current display to a full Excel worksheet.  If your data is colorized then the colors are saved too!

Exports to Exel:

  • Clone categories and Category assignments from previous test – When you click the CATS button to work with your category list for the test, if you do not have an existing list then Analyst will ask you if you want to clone from an existing list from another test

And if you select to clone from an existing test, it will then prompt you if you wish to copy the category assignments from that test also based on title and artist matching:

  • Sort displayed on Single Test Selection screen – The window caption now displays how you have the list sorted.

  • Color by quintiles checkbox added to the Ranker screen – Now it’s easier than ever to color code the Ranker, just click the checkbox.  There’s also a new keyboard shortcut of CTRL-Q that does the same thing.

  • And more tweaks, enhancements, and even a few bug fixes

Program changes:

Version 5.11 has these new major features.

  • ADX v 2.09 – There’s a new Uploaded column which displays the date/time that the data was uploaded.  You can sort by this column and ADX remembers your last sort selection so this allows you to always have ADX come up with the most recent data sent to you.


Perspective enhancements

  • Perspective has undergone MAJOR enhancements!  If you’ve used Perspective (the Multi button) in the past then you probably found the creation and editing of the master demos and scores a bit clunky or cumbersome.  v5.11 has better logic for building combined demos and scores.  This starts when you select tests to combine with Perspective.  Analyst will now evaluate your list of demos and scores and match them to any existing demos and scores that have been previously setup.  This saves lots of time since most score lists match up if you are combining the same type of data.
  • Export to Single Analyst tab – There’s a new tab on the Perspective Wizard for exporting your combined data to a single Analyst test.  This option has numerous new enhancements including:
  • The option to automatically export the data (when you click Finish on the wizard, your data is generated).
  • There’s a new option to export the individual station data with your test.
  • There’s a new option to export trends.  If you are consistently creating combined sets of data then you can select the option to export trends and Perspective will create trends for your combined single Analyst run.  You must use the same call letters or 4-character ID for this to work. NOTE: If you are doing a single station run, DO NOT use your call letters or your existing trends will be appended to (unless you want that to happen).
  • There’s a new option to select a threshold.  This provides you the option of having Perspective suppress exporting titles that don’t meet your threshold criteria.
  • Perceptual data is now combined and exported with your single Analyst data.  You won’t see an option for this, it just happens.

  • These same options are all available from within Perspective once you have created the combined run.

    Analyst enhancements

  • The column setup screen has undergone several improvements.
  • Double-click selects demo and score elements.
  • You can now program the default order in which your scores are displayed and selected.
  • You can select your sort criteria from this screen
  • You can make the configuration the default configuration for the station.  This only works if you don’t have saved settings, but if you are loading a fresh set of data for the station then your default configuration will be displayed.

  • Category Screen – The category creation screen had undergone several improvements!

  • If categories don’t exist then Analyst will prompt you to select a category list from a previous list.

  • Categories may now be color coded

  • And those category colors are used as the background on the Ranker tab for songs assigned to those categories.

  • And of course we’ve made lots of little improvements and the occasional bug fixes.

    We hope you enjoy all the new features in v5.11 !