Our Approach

We are experienced and passionate former radio DJ’s and programmers who are out to shape the future of radio, one client, one station at a time – – simply because we love what we do, and we love what you do.


“P1” means a radio listener’s first choice. We’ve hijacked the term to establish our position as your first choice for an adviser and collaborator.


We’re the ones to turn to for radio stations who appreciate the power of a larger consultancy, but prefer the understanding, empathy and honesty you get from a small, dedicated group. Our informed insights come from a passionate and caring place, because we’ve been in your shoes – and we believe it will make a difference for your business.


Achieving success does not come in a one-size-fits-all package, so we customize our approach for each client. Even though we know a lot, we don’t know it all. So, we start by gathering data, identifying key insights, and then applying our experience to develop action plans that help stations grow and form deeper connections with their fans. Good data is meaningless if you can’t apply it to drive meaningful results.


Our collaborative approach is both personable and personalized. We’re more concerned with doing what’s best for you than we are with following “best practices” or telling you only what you want to hear. We’re real people with real answers who are united with our partners to propel radio into the future.