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Who We Are

Executive Team

Each of P1 Media Group’s principals has over 25 years of experience helping radio and media companies break through barriers and achieve the unthinkable. The combined real-world knowledge and success rate of this dream team comes from helming pivotal roles in programming, research, marketing, and digital media.

“We Bring Radio to Life.”


Ken Benson

Ken is a renowned programming, research and marketing executive whose storied career has made him a sought-after thought leader and public speaker. He led the Pinnacle Media international team and conducted research for radio and media clients across four continents. He brought the innovative Jack FM® brand to the UK. He is a multi-award winning CHR Programmer and his career includes VP of Music Programming for MTV, Executive Programming positions at Chancellor/AMFM and Citadel, and oversight for over 250 radio stations.

Max Dugan

Max is a successful brand, research and programming expert. As Vice President of Research & Programing for Sparknet, Max created and implemented custom research techniques including the innovative Crowd Source Music Test® successfully utilized at stations worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, and The UK. Max’s extensive career includes executive programming positions at Clear Channel and Citadel and Program Director in Dallas, Houston and Washington D.C.

Dan Binder

Director Digital & Online Research
Dan has achieved incredible ratings success and several broadcaster awards throughout his career. Dan founded DB Media, creating a syndicated Alternative format. He was Operations Manager and Sr. Research Director for Pinnacle Media Worldwide. In addition, he was Director of Radio Programming and Operations for the Everstream Radio Networks, where he built over 50 music channels. He has held successful radio programming and management positions in Long Island, Cleveland, Albany, and many more.

Ronnie Stanton

International Programming & Talent Mentor

Ronnie Stanton has worked in competitive, major market media for over twenty years. He has launched groundbreaking formats and programmed #1 stations in the USA, Australia and Canada. Throughout his broadcasting career, Ronnie has worked with industry legends and boldly introduced fresh new talent. He has helped small, independent broadcasters compete successfully with major conglomerates, and has worked with media giants looking for innovation and a new competitive edge. Ronnie has wide-ranging experience in radio, television and new media and an extensive background in radio programming, promotions and marketing, music, coaching talent, on air performance and writing engaging production.