Radio Lessons From The Real World – Vegans
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Radio Lessons From The Real World – Vegans

How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry… they’ll tell you!

We joke, but every year in the US, the equivalent weight of 8½ aircraft carriers of bacon is consumed – except by vegans. These people are evangelists on a pork free pursuit, they’re radish revolutionaries, peach preachers. And whether it’s for the emerging health benefits or a deep empathy for animals, vegans are loud and proud about their choice.

Most of us are defined by what we do, but this 3% meatless minority is defined by what they DON’T do. It shapes them. It brands them like the cows they save.

What doesn’t your radio station do? You know what it does, you’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about your morning show or big blocks of music or nightly countdown. But what DOESN’T it do?

Are the limitations of your brand or the sacrifices you have made actually your secret weapons that have been, until now, holstered?

It takes great courage not to play a high charting song because it is not quite the right fit. It requires temerity to walk away from a cool sounding promotional idea if it clutters your station or violates your brand. And in a world of budget cuts, it is extremely tough to say no to a free prize offered by a client when it’s just not on strategy.

Not only is there great power in sometimes saying no, there may be great opportunity is telling your audience about it and owning something special, even if it’s by omission, in a crowded room of sound-alikes

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